The surprisingly difficult ability to just Be.

I have struggled a lot with the ability to just Be. And by that I mean being able to take a day, or just a few hours or even minutes to do completely nothing. So often, I find myself eagerly finding something for me to do, to be getting on with, whether it’s a task that I can complete from start to finish, or just going out somewhere for the day so I can feel like I did something and didn’t just waste my time. But then I think to myself, is doing ‘nothing’ really such a waste of time? Maybe it’s actually a really important time to be able to rejuvinate and recuperate. Maybe it is only once we have taken this time to be alone with our thoughts and completely relax that we are then giving ourselves the chance to be productive the next day with a refreshed mindset and attitude.

So, with this in mind, this summer I am eager not only to try and experience new things with my friends and family (because don’t get me wrong, I’m all about making the most of the summer!), but I also want to make an effort to take the time to be with myself, in my home, and just be okay with the fact that I’m not really doing anything. It even sounds so ironic and bizarre to me that I’m literally writing the phrase ‘make an effort to’ alongside ‘do nothing’ – should it be so difficult?! No! But for me, and maybe for many of you, it IS!

That’s why I am beginning to see that taking time for ourselves is so necessary and actually enables us to then move forward with a new energy. And this sits well alongside my emphasis of self-love and putting ourselves at the top of our priority lists. I’m not saying ‘Okay, scrap work and responsibilities, let’s all head to the beach and never come back!’ But I am saying that every so often, let’s set aside a decent amount of time to just be alone with our thoughts, take everything around us in, and truly appreciate what we have in our lives that we may otherwise take for granted when we are running around like headless chickens going about our days. Let’s create space and time for peace in our lives. Alone time. Doing nothing. And with that, Just Be.